Heat and Vacuum Applicator, Hot Drape Former, Hot Drape Forming, Hot Drape Formers, Laminating Machinery, Adhesive Applicators, Presses and Handling Machinery. 
For the Aerospace & Associated industries, production and development, including Out of Autoclave and Vacuum Debulking.

Planning and consultation
We offer advice and recommendations on all aspects of a project from start to finish: from the size of components and factory layout, to labour content and computer predictions of operating performance. We can offer advice on adhesive, skins and core materials suppliers.

All our machinery is made in house at our own production facilities.
Our experienced staff are dedicated to make the best product they can and the company encourages this with constant reinvestment in state of the art production facilities.
Every Aspect of production is closely controlled and monitored to make sure all machinery is made to the same high standard.
We work closely with our raw material suppliers to ensure we are supplied with the highest quality parts for our machinery.

We take great care shipping machines to customers. All parts are wrapped in protective packing to ensure they reach their destination in the same condition they left our factory. Machines are dispatched in standard shipping containers or inside enclosed haulage trailers, depending on the customers location.
Machines too large to ship in one piece are part dismantled and then reassembled by our engineers on site.

Training is one of the most important aspects of buying machinery. We are proud of the comprehensive training we provide with every machine we sell.

Training includes:

  1. Operating Procedures
  2. Production Methods
  3. Maintenance
  4. Health & Safety
We train your operators in all aspects of the plant. We leave you with a production-capable team, trained to your satisfaction.

Machines are designed for operator maintenance and contain modem linked diagnostics allowing us to talk to them, facilitating maintenance and reducing downtime - wherever you are in the world. Our customer service policy ensures you are always able to call on expert assistance in the case of difficulties.

We have a policy of offering support for all our machinery irrespective of age. All parts can be supplied, either off the shelf components or components or parts manufactured by ourselves.
 For older machines where parts may no longer be available we can supply new replacement versions.
Please contact us for any of your spares requirements.

We work hard to ensure we have methods in place to minimize any environmental impact manufacturing and operating our machines has. We try to minimize as much waste as we can and recycle where possible. Our machinery is built to provide many years service, with few exceptions, all the equipment we have supplied is still operating today. With this approach each machine has a low carbon footprint.

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