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Heat and Vacuum Applicators - HVA

The HVA machine is used to apply decorative engineered laminates to Aircraft interior panels such as sidewalls, bulkheads and seating shells.

The very efficient shortwave infra red radiation heating system is used to soften the laminate prior to forming and the vacuum membrane system forms the laminate to the surface of the panel.

The HVA machine is used by subcontractors to the industry, airline and third party maintenance shops.

The HVA machine is also used in train and bus applications such as applying graffiti resistant films to train interiors.  Heat and Vacuum Applicators are also used to apply laminate furnishings such as car roofs and dashboards in the automotive and truck industries.

Universal tools can be supplied, allowing a wide range of panels to be processed using just one or to tools instead of the wide range of tools previously required.

All machines are installed by our specialist engineers at your factory.  Full training in all aspects of machine operation and maintenance is carried out on site. 

Our dedication to make the best machines available and our extensive experience guarantees that you will be covering panels to certifiable quality before the machine is handed over and for many years to come.

Our highly experienced technical staff can assist you whether you are totally new to covering and setting up a new maintenance shop or have many years experience.

The Machine Range

HVA 3: Our most universal machine. Covers all
sidewalls as well as seating shells and suites for First
class and Business Class. Will cover other panels such
as 777-300 ceiling panels and overhead bin doors.

HVA 4:
Our larger version of the HVA and will handle
all the HVA-3 work as well as larger panels and multiple loading. The HVA-4 is supplied as an
automatic machine.

We offer a full training package on the machine
as well as panel covering. On completion of the
course training certificates will be awarded.

Our Universal Tool makes covering easy and virtually eliminates the need for rigid expensive support tooling.

Online Machinery Specification


HVA-3   Beijing
heat and vacuum press installled at Fokker aircraft services
HVA-3   Netherlands

Custom HVA-3   Morocco

Operator training

covering an aircraft cabin panel
Preparing a panel for covering
heat and vacuum applicator
Panel under vacuum

Panel ready for trimming

Convex and concave and flat
panels can be covered

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