Heat and Vacuum Applicator, Hot Drape Former, Hot Drape Forming, Hot Drape Formers, Laminating Machinery, Adhesive Applicators, Presses and Handling Machinery. 
For the Aerospace & Associated industries, production and development, including Out of Autoclave and Vacuum Debulking.

Our equipment is used for a wide range of products, fully listed in our Industries page.


The aerospace press can be used for a wide range of applications on aircraft including:
  • Hot drape forming of carbon composites
  • Covering / recovering of cabin interior panels
  • Thermoforming components
  • Honeycomb bonding of galley modules
  • Aluminium honeycomb bonding
Surface Transport
We supply machines to form interior panels for bus, coach, train and tram interiors and apply decorative films. Our machines are also used to apply trim materials such as headliners for the automotive and truck industry. 
Recreational vehicles
Caravans, motor homes and camper vans all use our technology to manufacture sandwich panels used in their construction . From simple hand application of adhesives through large automated plants we have the production equipment you need.
Architectural & Building panels 
From simple insulation panels through complex shaped decorative and structural panels our equipment can manufacture the panels that are used in the industry. A wide range of core materials and decorative skins can be bonded. For heavy panels such as plasterboard/foam/ply laminates our handling equipment keeps the manual effort to a minimum.
Flat and curved veneering, moulding plywood and MDF panels, and laminating a wide variety of materials all can be easily handled by our heated vacuum press with fast cycle times. Cold vacuum presses give the same high quality and cycle times depend on the adhesive chosen.
Relocatable accommodation 
Re-locatable accommodation use sandwich panels that range from 2.4m x 1 .2m system build panels up to panels 20 metre x 4 metre. Whatever your requirements our machinery can meet your needs.
Insulation products
From wall and floor insulation to purpose made roof insulation we have the equipment you need to make the size and shape you want
Sound proofing products
Using a variety of sound proofing cores and skins we have the adhesives application and pressing systems you need
Soft foam & textiles laminates
From soft foam mattresses to electric blankets and scouring pads our experience of laminating these materials means we can offer you exactly the laminating plant you are looking for to meet your production needs
     In all the examples we have mentioned there are some panels we have left out or maybe not come across. if we have not covered your specific product then please contact us because our wide range of experience will allow us to help you with our product requirements

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